This is one of our designs for local small business, tradesman, or professional services company’s.

This is a very flexible, responsive design; that’s easy to navigate for the average web surfer, but still uses modern web applications that make your website very search engine friendly.

Especially for the ‘big dog’, Google©

Our sites are built to load fast, they’re W3C compatible; and use the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and techniques. These are integrated into the standard SEO practices that are still important today.


On ‘local business’ websites, these are some of the  things needed to be Google© friendly:

  • It HAS to be mobile – Google© actually ‘said so’ in April 2015*
  • Fast loading speed
  • Easy navigation
  • Contain good content (your original content, divided into relevant pages and/or categories)
  • Clear business location and contact information (Tap or click-to-call buttons on mobile)

These are some of the most important functions that need to be built into a search engine friendly website.

With the global transition to the mobile web, if your website is not mobile friendly it just ‘will not’ be found online. Unfortunate, but very true.


Do You Want to Be Found Locally?

Another powerful tactic for the local business operator, is to claim your Google© business page, who will than verify it actually belongs to you. Than, you add back links and ‘citations’ (another type of link) to your Google© business page.

If done properly, you will end up in the Google© Maps section of the search engines.

This can be a powerful boost to traffic and customers to your website.


There are many opportunities for the local business or professional practice, to have a major impact on their own internet visibility, new traffic sources and bottom line profits.

The challenge for the local biz owner?

Finding the right company to design and implement the type of web property that will be attractive without being gaudy, with too many bells and whistles to confuse the prospect; and ultimately gets the only job done it was built for:

More Traffic to your business. More clients to grow with. Higher ROI.


Call us to discuss your businesses needs. Visit our portfolio of sites and designs to see what we can do for you. From basic, powerful SEO templates to custom designed websites.

Packaged with a full Google© business pages verification and proper SEO (backlinks and citations), your business will attract more interested prospects and customers than ever before.